Reader’s letter: South Africa needs more Shaun Christies


Johan Roos writes:

The Rapportryerbeweging (RRB) notes with shock and disappointment the suspension of Shaun Christie from the North-West University (NWU).

Shaun Christie simply expressed his concern that students at the NWU do not feel safe to talk about Christianity, but that discussions about gender issues are allowed.

During an orientation session for freshmen, which dealt with LGBTQIA+ ideology, he raised his opinion in an orderly manner, after which he left the hall. Most of the freshmen followed him.

After all, the right to freedom is a constitutional right that must not only be protected at all times, but must also be lived out and respected.

The RRB would like to express the wish that NWU come to their senses, lift the suspension and respect the Constitution.

Shaun Christie can be assured of the RRB’s full support in the matter, as can AfriForum, which is already investigating the matter.

The RRB is proud of his actions and indeed welcomes them. A good and healthy South Africa definitely needs more of Shaun Christie’s caliber.