Reader’s Letter: The other problem with minimum wage


Maarten Kruger writes:

Yes, the recent adjustment of the minimum wage is going to hurt the farmer, but the reality is – what do you buy as a worker at the end of the month with the wage?

We must not lose sight of one thing.

If the adjustment is 8.5%, this means that a worker who earned R5 000 per month will now earn R5 425. A worker who earned R10 000 per month will now get R10 850.

If one takes it further, then the man who earns R100 000 per month at a 5% increase now gets R105 000. An increase of R5 000.

This is the sum total of what the first man got at the end of the month.

Our problem in the country is not the annual adjustment of the minimum wage. Our problem is the fact that one worker earns R5 000 and the other R100 000.

Sorry, but that’s not realistic!

A day only has eight working hours and nobody is so much better than the others that we can justify such a big gap in the salaries. And the problem is, the gap only widens every year.

Our real problem is the fact that the gap between the income of the bottom worker and that of the top worker varies too much.

And we’re not even talking about the ridiculous hourly rates that the self-employed (doctors and lawyers) currently charge and earn.

If this time bomb is not addressed, in 10 years we will see that the gap between the highest paid and the lowest paid is so large that the state will also have to pay the latter a monthly “wage” (Sassa) – just so he can survive .