Reader’s letter: Vote for normality at SU


Johan Smit writes:

The transformation of Stellenbosch University (SU) is, in my opinion, unique in the South African context, because it is not primarily driven by the ANC’s transformational ideology, but rather by academics who are totally sold out to Marxist critical race theory (weeks-ism).

The latter is of course an anti-Western ideology which is currently giving rise to severe polarization in Western countries and is at least partly responsible for a huge shift to the right.

In short is weeks-ism a set of radical beliefs that are openly hostile to the traditional Christian Western view of life. In the context of South Africa, conservatives, such as Afrikaners and Afrikaans speakers, are still the bearers of the latter values. That is why precisely this group is targeted at SU.

The course is that weeks-ideology over the past 20 years has found a breeding ground on American and Canadian university campuses, where many of SU’s lecturers have spent a long time. Fans, or the “woke mob”, believes that Western society is inherently racist and forms the power base for white supremacy.

From this follows policy that enforces diversity, equity, equality and inclusiveness. The aim is to achieve equality of outcomes through discrimination, quotas and exclusion based on race. The foregoing stands in stark contrast to the pursuit of equal opportunities for all which creates a hierarchy of excellence with substantial benefits.

Through the weeksglasses, however, the hierarchy of merit is seen as an oppressive patriarchy that must be destroyed. This view comes as an attack against the traditional family and the polarization of the sexes by, among other things, branding traditional male characteristics as “toxic masculinity”, while respect for authority (the patriarchy) is denigrated as “authoritarianism”.

Apart from active discrimination (anti-racism), attempts are made to eradicate the traditional (Christian or conservative) Western culture by preventing the transmission of culture in the form of handed down knowledge, values ​​and beliefs to the next generation and replacing it with truth. with weeks-ideology that is introduced into the school and higher education system.

The foregoing is currently playing out as a culture war in America and its schools (universities have already fallen). However, in the context of SU, this is, among other things, the reason why the dormitory tradition at former African universities must be destroyed (read events at Wilgenhof). Read more about the previous radical agenda in a previous opinion piece.

However, ex-students can now make a difference by voting for five candidates, who will denounce this agenda, for the executive committee of the convocation. Voting kicks off on 20 May and lasts until midnight on 30 May 2024.

As an ex-mate, request your new student number (for students who graduated before the year 2000) and update your email address by urgently sending an email to (email protected). Then also ask that the email with unique link to vote be sent to you.

The candidates who are united under one agenda and campaign and which you can seriously consider are:

  • Theo de Jager (president) – board chairman of SAAI.
  • Johan Smit (vice president) – a businessman and farmer
  • Bernard Pieters (secretary) – head of community activation at Cape Forum.
  • Isabelle de Taillefer (additional member) – FF Plus board member in Stellenbosch.
  • Jan de Villiers (additional member) – member of parliament for the DA.

You are also welcome to look on the voting portal of SU for more information about the candidates who stand under the following slogan:

“Afrikaans is not just a language, it is a set of values ​​and a culture. This is who I am!”

Don’t miss this opportunity. It is important to buy time for Afrikaans higher education and protect young people from discrimination and deception, while alternatives are developed.

We’ve been through this before. We can do it again!