‘Rebellion’ against cadre deployment intensifies


The DA says it has recently been bombarded with information from whistleblowers in the public service who join the party’s “rebellion against cadre deployment”. This after the Constitutional Court ruled that the ANC must disclose its cadre deployment records.

“Over the past few weeks, (Pres. Cyril) Ramaphosa and his party have continued to defend the practice of cadre deployment, despite a growing rebellion against it from society and from within the public service,” says Dr. Leon Schreiber, the DA’s spokesperson on public service and administration.

In his weekly newsletter, Ramaphosa referred, among other things, to legislation that should improve accountability and efficiency in the public service. The president also said that the reform of the public service will ensure that only the best candidate is appointed to a position and that these people will receive the necessary support to do their work efficiently.

With reference to the bills, Ramaphosa says they should significantly reduce the possibility of unlawful political interference in the public service.

Schreiber says the president’s hypocrisy has reached a new low with this newsletter.

“It was an obvious attempt to appease officials in the public service, who are becoming increasingly restless while the DA continues to hang the ANC’s cadre secrets on the big bell.”

By “admitting for the first time” that the state creation commission’s finding that the ANC’s policy of cadre deployment “facilitated state creation”, Ramaphosa showed his “own cowardly hypocrisy on the issue”, says Schreiber.

“On the one hand, he is trying to take credit for the work officials have done by using the DA’s anti-cadre deployment policy to formulate the Public Service Amendment Bill. On the other hand, he continues to defend the ANC’s cadre deployment, as he did during his recent tirade about it at the launch of the ANC’s manifesto.

“Ramaphosa clearly realized that the DA’s work to expose cadre deployment had caused a full-scale rebellion against this corrupt ANC practice. Even as he continues to defend this evil practice, he is simultaneously trying to appease officials in his own government who are tired of being insulted by the preference for incompetent and corrupt cadres, rather than skilled professionals.”

A report from the public service commission that was made public last week stated, among other things, that it is indeed the case that “senior appointments are political appointments and that the role of the ANC’s deployment committee cannot be ignored”.

The report further stated that the current focus on “political deployment must be replaced by a focus on building a professional public service”.

Schreiber says that in his attempt to fend off the uprising against political interference, Ramaphosa actually proved the DA right in his stance against cadre deployment.

“The DA considers the open hypocrisy in the newsletter as a sign of weakness which further fuels us to fight the battle until we fully expose Ramaphosa’s complicity in state capture – as the former chairman of the cadre deployment committee – and expose the practice to us. banished South Africa.”

The DA is also continuing legal action by asking that the ANC be found guilty of contempt of court due to its failure to make the full cadre deployment records public, and to have the practice declared unconstitutional and unlawful.