Record cold of more than -40 °C in Sweden


Sweden experienced its coldest January night in 25 years on Wednesday, with the temperature dropping to -43.6 °C in the far north of the country – and neighboring Finland.

“To put it in perspective: this is the lowest January temperature in Sweden since 1999,” said Mattia Lind, a meteorologist at Sweden’s national weather service, SMHI.

In January 1999, a temperature of -49 ˚°C was recorded in Sweden, equal to the record set in 1951.

Lind says Wednesday’s measurement was done at the Kvikkjokk-Arrenjarka station in the north of Sweden.

This is the lowest temperature that has been recorded at this particular location since measurements began to be taken in the area in 1888. Several other stations in the north recorded similar temperatures below -40 °C.

Although the region is used to bitter cold, the recent cold forced local bus operators to suspend services, while train operator Vy stopped all train services north of the city of Umea for several days on Tuesday.

Train services were also disrupted in Finland and here a seasonal record of -38.7 ˚°C was recorded on Tuesday night in the northern Lapland region.

Several incidents of frozen water pipes were reported and the Finnish broadcaster YLE reported that nearly 300 people in the city of Tampere were without running water on Tuesday.

The cold front is expected to move south over the next few days, with residents of the Finnish capital Helsinki already seeing temperatures rise to -15 °C on Wednesday.