Referendum Party wants to join Multiparty Charter


The Referendum Party (RP) has now officially submitted a request to join the Multiparty Charter.

A total of 11 opposition parties have already joined this grouping in the hope of establishing a new coalition government in cooperation with other opposition parties after the upcoming election.

Phil Craig, leader of the RP, says in a letter to these parties that the RP also believes there is “a real and extremely significant danger” that the 2024 national election could lead to a national coalition government led by the ANC.

Craig says two of the Multiparty Charter’s key focus areas are to protect citizens against an ANC-led government and to put as much power as possible in the hands of citizens.

“To ask the people of the Western Cape in a referendum, which will be held according to the South African Constitution, if they want to get rid of the ANC and the EFF forever, is completely in line with these values. This is exactly what Cape Independence wants to achieve.”

However, the RP’s request to join the Multi-Party Charter follows a few days after he contested allegations that were apparently made by the DA’s federal chairman, dr. Ivan Meyer, was made on Netwerk24.

Meyer allegedly argued that the DA cannot call a referendum on Cape independence and that the FF Plus is misleading people by suggesting that the DA can.

“If Meyer has been quoted correctly, he is either economical with the truth, or he has completely twisted it,” Craig said in response.

The DA and the FF Plus have both already joined the Multiparty Charter.