Reinstatement of Kinnear widow’s police protection demanded


The civil rights organization Cape Forum sent an urgent letter to the Western Cape district commissioner on Friday, calling on Maj-Gen. Vincent Beaton to reinstate Nicolette Kinnear’s police protection.

Cape Forum argues that the reinstatement of police protection for murdered Lt. Col. Charl Kinnear’s family – at least until the completion of the court cases regarding his murder – is essential so that Nicolette can testify in court without fear for her or her family’s safety.

Nicolette and her family’s police protection was earlier withdrawn following factually incorrect information as contained in a confidential intelligence report.

However, Cape Forum now says the content of this report is an “example of misleading and false intelligence”.

Among other things, the report claims that Charl attended a meeting in 2021 despite Kinnear having already passed away in September 2020.

“We want to draw your attention to the fact that Lt. Col. Kinnear lost his life in the year 2020 (September 18). Yet your report would indicate that Charl Kinnear sent Facebook photos and attended a meeting in 2021 (September 16). How is this possible? If your report can contain such a simple error, how can you be sure beyond a reasonable doubt that the Kinnear family is indeed safe and does not need the protection?” reads Bernard Pieters, manager of community activation at Cape Forum, in his letter to Beaton.

The civil rights organization also says it is in possession of the confidential document in which this glaringly erroneous intelligence was detailed.

“The nature of Lt. Col. Kinnear’s murder is such that his family’s protection is critical. It is the responsibility of the SAPS to uphold their human rights in this regard. They must simply provide the assurance that the safety of individuals involved in legal action can be ensured and ensure that justice will be done without any intimidation,” says Pieters.

Lt. Col. Kinnear was shot dead in cold blood in his car in front of his home in Bishop Lavis on September 18, 2020.