Remains of ‘non-human beings’ shown to Mexican Congress


The display of the alleged remains of two “non-human beings” during a special session of the Mexican Congress led to a mixture of surprise, disbelief and ridicule on social media.

The alleged mummified remains were displayed in two small display cases on Tuesday as the Mexican Congress officially discussed the issue of possible extraterrestrial life for the first time.

The alleged remains, which have a grayish color and features similar to humans, were brought to Congress by Jaime Maussan, a controversial Mexican journalist and researcher. He claims that the remains were found in Peru in 2017.

Maussan said the National Autonomous University of Mexico conducted a carbon dating analysis on the remains that showed “these creatures are about 1,000 years old.” The university’s physics institute confirmed in a statement that it had carried out tests, but only to determine the age and not the origin of the samples.

The American space agency Nasa has meanwhile officially joined the search for strange flying objects.

Mark McInerney has been appointed director of research into unidentified anomalies (UAP). This follows a year-long NASA factual report on what it calls “unidentified anomalies”, or UAP. An independent team of 16 researchers concluded in the report that the search requires “a rigorous, evidence-based approach”.

However, Nasa emphasized in its report that any findings about possible extraterrestrial origin “must be the hypothesis of last resort – the answer we turn to only after we have ruled out all other possibilities”.

According to the report, more than 800 “events” were collected over 27 years, of which 2 to 5% are believed to be possibly irregular. It is defined as “anything that is not readily understood”, or “something that is strange”.

The U.S. government has begun to take UAP issues more seriously in recent years, in part because of concerns that they are linked to espionage.

In July, a former US intelligence official caused a stir when he told a congressional committee that he “absolutely” believes the government is in possession of unidentified anomalies – as well as the remains of their extraterrestrial operators.