Request for transparency after blue light assault


Action Society submitted a request to ensure “transparency and accountability” in the investigation into the so-called blue light assault in terms of the Act on the Promotion of Access to Information.

The pressure group wants to make sure that open cards are played as the eight members of the police’s VIP protection services unit who are connected to the alleged assault of three motorists on the N1 highway have not even been arrested yet. The members have only been suspended.

Action Society’s legal clinic, which represents one of the victims, filed the request on Thursday.

“By gaining access to information from the investigation, we will bring the necessary transparency to the investigation, as well as increase pressure on the police and Opod to do the right thing,” says DaniĆ«l Eloff, legal representative of Action Society’s legal clinic.

Among other things, Action Society requested that the statements taken at the scene be made known to him, as well as the information of the officers who were involved in the incident, such as their names, ranks and years they have been in the police service.

The pressure group also demands that any recordings be handed over to it, as well as the training records of those involved.

Eloff argues that the lack of action against the alleged assailants gives the impression that crimes committed by members of the police are less serious than other crimes.

“It is not a difficult case to investigate. The crime was caught on video. The alleged criminals’ identity and respective home addresses are known to the police. Complaints have also been lodged,” he says.

“The blue light mafia must be arrested and charged and at the same time the police must be held responsible for their lack of action.”