Review: ‘Baby Reindeer’ stuns; has millions buzzing


With Richard Gadd and Jessica Gunning
Creator: Richard Gadd

Haven’t you seen the year’s most talked about TV series yet? But you must be able to communicate if “Netflix” has already become a verb for you. Netflix it tonight! Just remember, you will never be the same again.

Baby Reindeer is based on a nasty true story and really happened to Richard Gadd, who plays the role of Donny.

He is so badly hurt by a stalker (or stalker) humiliated, that it affected his whole being and made him a walking wreck who lost all self-respect.

It all started in Scotland when he gave a lonely soul, or so he thought, a free snack. She sent him thousands of e-mails and WhatsApp messages that were so provocative and insulting, that one tries to understand why he did not act earlier.

That’s exactly what stalkers hide behind – that they didn’t physically assault a person, only emotionally. That’s how Martha Scott, the stalker, got away, but that’s just the beginning of Donny’s mind-blowing experiences.

Just know: If you watch this, it’s going to upset you tremendously. Also to watch how one single person turns into a ruin and collapses. Baby Reindeer is the talking point of the moment, and the series’ warning is: Be careful not to turn into the deer yourself.

The series has an age limit of 18.