Review: ‘Nightmare Kidnapping’ Watched in Exciting Doc Series


With Denise Huskins and Aaron Quinn
Directors: Bernadette Higgins and Felicity Morris

It’s true what they say. The truth is stranger than fiction.

American Nightmare is a documentary about a true event and turns the clock back to 2015.

It is actually a solid attack on the desperate helplessness and meanness of some members of the American police force and how they can mess things up and terrorize people.

Also how blatantly manipulative, cruel and misleading they can be, and like bees in a colony can conspire against possible suspects.

An ordinary couple, Denise Huskins and Aaron Quinn, wake up one night. Someone in a diving suit puts diving goggles over their eyes and kidnaps Denise. The police arrest her boyfriend, Aaron, who was tied up, as a possible suspect. They terrorize and brainwash him for hours to force a confession out of him, but he does not give in.

One does not want to reveal more. You have to see for yourself what is happening to make sense of this, because it is inconceivable that both sides of the story are true.

True crime stories are extremely popular on streaming networks and American Nightmare is another example of this. This is excellent.

Only on Netflix, under documentaries.