Review: Striking army series complicated, tough


With Kate Mara and Sepideh Moafi
Creator: Tom Rob Smith

One should not Class of ’09 not look shallow. The special and complicated story that takes place in different times and different levels is quite tough and you have to concentrate.

It initially begins with a group of cadets being trained to join the FBI. There seems to be something wrong with one of them, and all is not as it seems on the surface. Artificial intelligence is also emerging.

It’s also about Brian Tyree Henry as Tayo, who finds it hard to keep up, and what happens to him later. He later becomes head of the FBI, but things go awry.

The series is about training, betrayal, camaraderie, politics in the FBI, and the relationships between the men, which of course also include women, such as the formidable Kate Mara as a secret agent.

She’s keeping a close eye on everyone, but who’s really in charge here?

If you like political series with an army background, is Class of ’09 a little different from the usual shooting, kicking and dying sequences on television. Give it a try and see if you can sit through it.