Reward offered in search of Joslin Smith (6)


The Saldanha Bay municipality has offered a reward of R20 000 for information about the missing Joslin Smith (6).

This reward is expected to be increased to R25 000 soon after the municipality receives another donation, André Truter, mayor of Saldanha Bay, told RNews on Monday.

A big search for the little girl has been going on for a week now. She disappeared last Monday and her mother, Kelly, reported the little girl missing at the Saldanha Bay Police Station on Tuesday.

Truter says the municipality’s decision to also get involved was a “natural reaction”.

“This is a defenseless child and when defenseless people are involved I feel driven to do something. I know my team feels the same.

“We have a heart to serve people on the ground.”

Different departments at this municipality have been involved in the search in various ways since last week, either by printing leaflets, or in the search itself. Truter also regularly posts information on his Facebook page to try to keep the community informed and positive.

“We have a wonderful community, district, province and country. We even got messages from people in other countries,” Truter said.

Over the weekend, he shared photos of residents of Atlantis, also in the Western Cape, holding posters with photos of Joslin. This rally forms part of a #KeepHopeAlive campaign that has taken off since Joslin’s disappearance.

“It is gratifying to see how the whole country is reaching out,” this post read.

“However, it is the people of Saldanha and the West Coast who show tremendous determination to keep the search going every day. People from right across the province join the search team every day; everyone who walks and searches has Joslin on their heart.”

RNews has sent an inquiry about the progress of the search to the Western Cape police, but has not yet received a response.