Riaan, Elandré, Loufi back on Top-20


Riaan Benadé is back on the RNews Afrikaans Top-20. This week he enters the hit parade with his brand new single, “Boksemdais”, in second place.

The lyric video of this song has already been viewed more than 85,000 times on YouTube in less than four days.

Elandré’s latest release, “Please”, also enters the Top-20 in fifth place. Loufi’s “Goats” also make a turn on the Top-20 in the last position.

Die Piesangskille’s “Inge 2” just clings to the no. 1 position. Brendan Peyper’s “Moegdans” is in third position.

In this week’s Top-20, there is one song that climbs, fifteen that lose their places, three new songs that enter the list and one song that remains unchanged.

1. The Banana Peels – “Inge 2”
2. Riaan Benadé – “Boxing Dais”
3. Brendan Peyper – “Tired Dance”
4. Apple – “Faults”
5. Elandré – “Please
6. The Banana Peels – “Lyntjie”
7. Juanita du Plessis – “Dear jinn!”
8. Leon Schuster – “The Goat Machine”
9. Riana Nel – “I wonder”
10. Eloff – “Cold coals”
11. Barto – “H2Eyes”
12. Juan Boucher with Tasché – “South”
13. Barto – “Impulsive”
14. Die Heuwels Fantastic with Appel – “Nora Vlok”
15. Brendan Peyper – “Tour around the floor”
16. Apple – “Diana”
17. Jay – “Naughty Ass”
18. Bernice West – “If He Comes Again”
19. Apple – “Sugarbush”
20. Loufi – “Goats”

Music Video:

New releases:

Nadine Blom celebrates 20 years in the music industry this year with a brand new song, “New love”. The seasoned singer, TV personality and radio announcer celebrates a new beginning with this new single.

Hunter Kennedy, Janie Bay and Nadine Blom wrote this song.

Deirdré Barnard’s fourth release, “Bo aan my lys”, has just seen the light of day. The song is about the idea that if something or someone is your priority, they are the first thing you think about in the morning.

It tells a story of a holiday romance that takes place in Hartenbos in December.

Other songs released are René’s “Clifton”, Tracy Bruiners’ “Kan jy my sê”, MAN’s “Vuur en vlam”, Elandré’s “Please”, Riaan Benadé’s “Boksemdais”, Rugga Rock’s “Bring daai beker vir me”, ADAM’s “Die groot 5”, Joshua na die Reën’s “Someone like you”, Christiaan Baartman’s “It’s just grace”, Jan-Mattys’ “Hey!”, Ryno Velvet’s “Hoor jou”, Jacob Swann’s “Lila”, Ruhan du Toit’s “People on the town”, Armand Joubert’s “With your clothes off”, MJ Nel’s “Obsessive”, Early B’s “Shud your biscuit”, Almero’s “Pietie Beyers” and Henru’s “Mx Farewell”.

* The RNews Afrikaans Top-20 is compiled by single releases and various data factors are taken into account: Apple Music and Spotify streams, YouTube views (specifically week-to-week data) as well as radio playtime. Physical album sales have no influence on this hit parade.