Robber apparently slaps baby who cries during attack


Five armed men descended on a house in Parkgate in Verulam, KwaZulu-Natal, on Wednesday and apparently slapped a ten-month-old baby because the child started crying while they ransacked the house.

According to a statement from Reaction Unit South Africa (Rusa), an off-duty policeman called Rusa around 12:00 after he saw a white Suzuki car speeding away from a nearby property.

He also heard his neighbors calling for help.

“The police officer allegedly then tried to arrest the suspects, but they evaded arrest,” the statement said.

Responders were dispatched moments later to help.‚Äč

Upon Rusa’s arrival at the scene, it was confirmed that five armed men had entered the house. Four adults and a ten-month-old baby were detained there.

“They slapped the baby when he started crying,” the statement said.

“The robbers stole household items and jewellery.” Rusa says a large screen TV was also left by the side of the road because the getaway car was apparently too full.

According to a witness, a woman was driving this vehicle, but this could not yet be confirmed.

Response officers have launched a search for the attackers, but no arrests have yet been made.