Russian teenager shoots classmates, then herself


A 14-year-old Russian girl from Bryansk near the border of Ukraine shot dead a classmate and wounded five others on Thursday before killing herself at her high school.

Russian media reports that the girl took a pump-action shotgun to school with which she shot a girl in her class and then herself this morning.

Five other teenagers were also killed during the incident at Gymnasium No. 5, a high school in a suburb of Bryansk, shot and since taken to a children’s hospital for medical treatment.

One of the wounded teenagers, a boy, is in a serious condition and has since been transported to a hospital in Moscow for further treatment.

The Russian police suspect that the young shooter may have been involved in a conflict with classmates.

The father of the teenage girl, whose twin sister was also in the class at the time of the shooting, has since been taken in for questioning as the firearm the girl used was registered in his name.

The authorities have also already searched the family’s apartment.

The governor of the Bryansk region, Alexander Bogomaz, called the shooting a “terrible tragedy”.

“My deepest condolences to the parents of the girl who died at the hands of the shooter. It is a terrible loss.”

Fatal attacks at schools have become more common in Russia in recent years.

In September last year, an armed man killed 18 people at a school in the western Russian city of Izhevsk.

A 19-year-old shooter also killed nine people at a school in Kazan in 2021. Another shooter killed six people at a university in Perm the same year.