Russians admit: ‘IS responsible for concert attack’


Russia said for the first time in so many words on Friday that the Islamic State (IS) was responsible for March’s deadly attack on concertgoers in Moscow.

However, the Russians still believe Ukraine had a hand in the attack.

Since the attack on March 22, Moscow has repeatedly tried to shift the blame to Ukraine and the West. This despite the fact that IS has already accepted responsibility on several occasions for the attack that claimed the lives of more than 140 people.

However, Alexander Bortnikov, head of Russia’s Federal State Security Service (FSB), has now said: “Preparations, the financing, the attack and the retreat of the terrorists were coordinated via the Internet by members of the Khorasan Province (IS-K). ” This is an IS branch that is active in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Nevertheless, Bortnikov maintains that the attackers “after completing the attack received clear instructions to move to the Ukrainian border, where a ‘window’ was prepared for them from the other side”.

“The investigation continues, but it can already be said with certainty that the Ukrainian military intelligence is directly involved in the attack,” Bortnikov said earlier today.

Ukraine has repeatedly denied any involvement in the attack.

RNews earlier reported that four attackers dressed in camouflage entered the Crocus City concert hall in Moscow’s northern Krasnogorsk neighborhood on March 22, opened fire and threw firebombs at it.

It is being billed as the deadliest attack in Russia in nearly two decades.

Washington warned Moscow of a possible attack in Russia shortly before the attack, and even issued an official warning to citizens in the country.

However, the warning was dismissed by the Kremlin as propaganda and an attempt to interfere in the presidential election.

The Americans do not believe Ukraine was involved in the attack.