SA is again asking for more measures against Israel


South Africa has requested the International Court of Justice in The Hague to introduce new emergency measures against Israel over the “widespread famine” resulting from its Gaza offensive.

This is the second time that South Africa has asked the court for additional measures, the first request in February was refused.

According to the South African government, he was forced to return to the court in light of the new facts and changes in the situation in Gaza – especially the situation of widespread starvation.

“This may be the last opportunity this court will have to save the Palestinian people in Gaza who are already dying of hunger, and are now one step away from starvation.” It comes after the United Nations warned that famine was imminent and that food aid trucks were being stopped and looted.

“Palestinian children are dying of hunger as a direct result of the deliberate acts and omissions of Israel – contrary to the Genocide Convention and the court’s order,” argues South Africa. The government appealed to the court to order an immediate cessation of fighting, the release of all hostages, an end to Israel’s occupation of Gaza, and to order the provision of emergency aid.”

In January, the court ordered that Israel must do everything in its power to prevent genocide during its offensive in Gaza. The court also ruled that Israel must allow aid into Gaza to alleviate the desperate humanitarian situation there.

These were so-called provisional measures, emergency steps that Israel had to take while the court assessed the broader issue of whether Israel is committing genocide in Gaza, an assessment that could take years to make.

South Africa has accused Israel of violating the 1948 UN Genocide Convention during its military campaign in Gaza.

Israel emphasized during the hearings that it was acting in self-defense after the Hamas attacks of October 7 and was doing everything in its power to alleviate the plight of civilians.

The Gaza war broke out after Hamas launched an attack on southern Israel that resulted in around 1,160 deaths, most of them civilians. The militants also took about 250 hostages.