SA rock giant dies


Tributes have been pouring in on social media since Thursday after the news of Kobus de Kock Jnr. ‘s death was announced yesterday. Kobus (41) was the lead singer of the blues-rock group The Black Cat Bones, which has been touring South Africa since 2007. The group was also a regular fixture at music festivals.

According to André Kriel, guitarist of the group, they are still struggling to process the news that was announced to the group on Thursday morning.

“We will remember him for his sincerity, his love for his fellow man and his absolute passion for music,” he told RNews.

André says the group members will gather at a bar tonight to tell stories, drink a beer and celebrate Kobus’s life.

“I will never forget how Kobus always toys, sweeties and toothbrushes for the children in the small villages in Mozambique with the STRAB music festival. He was something to behold with his beard, patches and box guitar where he walked among them, but for me it was proof of his softness towards people.”

André also says that while the rest of the group networked with as many people as they could after shows, Kobus always chose one person to sit down with and it was often someone from the audience.

“You found him sitting with them and talking. He got to know them better and by the end knew exactly what they were leaving tick.”

Willim Welsyn said on his Facebook page that Kobus’ death was a shock and an enormous loss, while Conrad Jamneck wrote: “My sister, you are taking something from all of us with you. Please take good care of it, keep it safe for when we see you again.”

“Thank you for everything you gave us, for which we never thanked you enough,” Die Wasgoedlyn wrote on Facebook.

Kobus lets his twin, Kobus Jnr. and Leah, his father and mother, his brother, Malan, behind.

An official funeral service has not yet been planned for him, but André said that there will probably be an event held for the sake of his family and also another for the industry.

“It will probably also be in a bar, where we will eat and drink together, and tell stories about Kobus and his music.”

Dewald Pretorius, a digital content creator and owner of Kolab Kreativ, made this tribute to Kobus and The Black Cat Bones. The song in the video is “Be the Lion”, written by Southern Gypsey Queens and performed by the group with Kobus and André. It was recorded as part of the STRAB Colab album and produced and recorded by Dewald and Conrad.

The poem André wrote for Kobus on The Black Cat Bones’ Facebook page: