SA’ers protest in support of genocide charge


Dozens of people took to the streets of Cape Town on Thursday in one of several demonstrations planned in South Africa in support of the government’s genocide complaint which is currently being heard in the International Court of Justice in the Netherlands.

South Africa’s legal team is currently presenting their case in The Hague.

Meanwhile, pro-Palestinian protesters held up placards on the steps of the Cape Town High Court reading: “Stop the genocide” and “Boycott apartheid Israel”.

“Free Palestine” some protesters shouted this morning.

Chants of “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” and “Gaza don’t cry” could be heard outside the High Court. The protesters also sang the South African national anthem.

GroundUp reports that the demonstration was organized by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign with various civil society organizations involved. Political party representatives from the ANC and Rise Mzansi also attended the demonstration.

More demonstrations are apparently planned elsewhere in Cape Town and other South African cities today.

Seehaam Samaai, director of the Women’s Law Center and a member of Lawyers4Palestine, says the protesters’ presence has a “profound” purpose: “To support our legal team in The Hague as they present a crucial case before the International Court of Justice and seek justice for the Palestinians people enduring some of the most oppressive conditions in the world.”

SA’s protest begins

Adv. Adila Hassim, for South Africa, said this morning in court at the Peace Palace in The Hague that Israel’s military operations in Gaza have pushed civilians to the “brink of starvation”.

“The situation is such that the experts are now predicting that more people in Gaza may die from starvation and disease than from direct military action,” said Hassim.

South Africa’s arguments are currently being heard.

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  • Additional source: AFP