Scholars protest over arrests after murder


About sixty high school students from Trenance Park in KwaZulu-Natal and parents protested on Friday against the arrest of four learners.

Reaction Unit South Africa (Rusa) said in a statement that the four learners were arrested by the Verulam police after the murder of a man who was accused of stealing a student’s mobile phone last week.

“The four learners apprehended the suspect and assaulted him. He later died of his injuries in hospital.”

It is claimed that the brutality was filmed by one of the scholars with their mobile phone and the attack was shared on social media.

Rusa was called to the school at around 07:30 on Friday morning when reports were received of the demonstration and that vehicles were being pelted with stones. Teachers were prohibited from entering the school grounds.

A group also met at the police station to demand the release of the four learners.

Law enforcement officers addressed the protesters and dispersed the crowd as they blocked the entrance to the police station.