Semenya hopes the court decision paves the way for others


On Wednesday outside the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France, Caster Semenya expressed the hope that this court’s decision will get rid of discrimination in athletics.

The court must decide whether she will be required to lower her testosterone levels before she can compete in the 800 m again.

“I hope that the court’s decision will pave the way for the fervent protection of athletes’ human rights and that young women will be inspired to accept themselves in all their diversity,” the athlete said outside the court, surrounded by her legal team .

“The outcome of this case is very important. One must pave a way for young women so that they do not face injustice, prejudice and discrimination.

“The trial is not about my career. It is about me being a champion for what is right; to be a voice for those who cannot fight for themselves.”

The court’s decision will be binding, but had not yet been announced by lunchtime.

Semenya, a double Olympic champion, won a victory in July last year after a long court battle in the same court when it was decided that World Athletics had not properly heard her original appeal against testosterone regulations. The court also found that there was discrimination against Semenya, who is legally identified as a woman but is also described as a person “who has differences in sexual development (DSD)”.

She has been fighting since May 2019 against these regulations which force her to medically lower her testosterone levels before she can participate in the 800 m event.

World Athletics introduced the regulations in 2018. Semenya has refused to lower her testosterone levels since the decision.

β€œIn 2009, I stood first on the podium at the Berlin World Championships, just after undergoing gender testing, knowing that the world was looking at my body in judgment and questioning my gender. In the 15 years since, I have persevered with dignity in the face of my oppression; it shaped me into a true champion and compassionate mother, wife, sister and daughter.”