Sergio still calm about F1 future


Sergio Perez’s Red Bull contract expires at the end of the year, but it doesn’t sound like the Mexican racer is too worried about his future.

He is currently second in the drivers’ standings – 13 points behind Max Verstappen – after Red Bull stood on the top steps of the podium after last Sunday’s race in Japan.

“My main focus is on the races and I am satisfied with what I have achieved so far. As for the racing market, things are going to pick up again soon and I expect that within the next month I will know exactly where I will be in 2025,” he said.

Lewis Hamilton’s move to Ferrari has unleashed the proverbial cat in the F1 team pigeonhole.

Not only is there a place opening up behind the wheel of a Mercedes fire truck, but Carlos Sainz is also looking for a new team.

Charles Leclerc earlier acknowledged that a few team bosses had already spoken to his current Ferrari teammate.

“I think everyone realizes Carlos’ value as a racing driver and he always delivers a solid performance behind the wheel of his car. I have mentioned many times before that I am not too worried about his future. He may not say it himself, but I am convinced that team bosses have already spoken to him,” said the Monte Carlo native.

Meanwhile, Red Bull’s Christian Horner confirmed that the ball is in Perez’s hands. And it doesn’t look like the 34-year-old racer has any intention of giving up his F1 place.

His worst performance of the new season was in Australia, where he should have been satisfied with fifth place.

In between he was second across the finish line in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and of course in Japan.

Driver scoring:

  1. Max Verstappen: 77 points
  2. Sergio Perez: 64 points
  3. Charles Leclerc: 59 points
  4. Carlos Sainz: 55 points
  5. Lando Norris: 37 points
  6. Oscar Piastri: 32 points
  7. George Russell: 24 points
  8. Fernando Alonso: 24 points
  9. Lewis Hamilton: 10 points
  10. Lance Stroll: 9 points

Manufacturer Punctuation:

  1. Red Bull: 141 points
  2. Ferrari: 120 points
  3. McLaren: 69 points
  4. Mercedes: 34 points
  5. Aston Martin: 33 points.