Serious accidents on N3 ‘worrying’


The management of the N3 toll route between Cedara in KwaZulu-Natal and Heidelberg in Gauteng says the number of serious accidents that have already occurred during the festive season is worrying.

“The large number of serious and fatal accidents in recent weeks on this road cause severe trauma for the families involved, as well as members of the emergency services who have to witness the horrific accidents,” said Thania Dhoogra, operations manager of the N3 toll concession that manages the toll route. Monday said.

In one of these accidents, the day after Christmas, three people died and one was seriously injured when two cars collided head-on. The accident happened on the N3 near Ladysmith. It is unknown exactly how many accidents have occurred on this road in the past few weeks.

Dhoogra says reckless and negligent driving, speed and a lack of concentration are the predominant reasons for accidents on this stretch of road that stretches 415 km. “Poor weather conditions did cause a few accidents, but generally the drivers’ actions are the cause,” she says.

The N3 toll concession predicts large traffic volumes again this week, especially towards Gauteng, as the holidays come to an end. Law enforcement and emergency services will therefore be deployed here in the next week. If necessary, additional traffic control measures will be put in place to facilitate the flow of traffic.

Dhoogra appealed to motorists to be considerate, drive carefully and be patient, in order to reduce the trauma on the roads. “Never try to make up for lost time by speeding on those parts of the road where traffic flows more comfortably. The holiday season is only over when everyone has reached their final destinations safely.”