Sex complaint against action hero Vin Diesel


The Hollywood heartthrob and action hero Vin Diesel is accused of sexually assaulting his assistant in a hotel room in Atlanta more than a decade ago, it has now come to light in court documents.

The lawsuit is the latest to be filed in the courts in California after the period within which legal action can be reported in incidents of sexual violence was earlier extended.

Asta Jonasson performs her first assignment, after the Fast and Furious-star’s company hired her was to travel to Atlanta in September 2010 during the filming of Fast Five.

There she had to help Diesel leave a hotel in the early hours of the morning after he apparently entertained several women in a hotel suite, before the paparazzi were informed of his whereabouts.

“Alone in the hotel suite with him, Vin Diesel met me. Jonasson sexually assaulted,” the court documents state.

He allegedly grabbed her violently, groped her and kissed her unbidden. Jonasson reportedly tried repeatedly to break free and kept saying no.

“Vin Diesel intensified his attack after this,” the court documents state, with the actor apparently trying to pull off some of the woman’s clothing.

According to court documents, Jonasson fled to a bathroom – where Diesel followed her – and forced her to touch him. He then pinned her against a wall and committed further alleged acts.

Samantha Vincent, the actor’s sister and president of One Race, the entertainment company that hired Jonasson, reportedly called the next day and gave the assistant the go-ahead.

“The message was clear. Mrs. Jonasson was fired for bravely fending off Vin Diesel’s assault; Vin Diesel would be protected and his sexual assault would be covered up.”

The civil suit seeks unspecified damages from Diesel, Vincent and their companies.

Diesel’s legal representative, Bryan Freedman, says his client “expressly denies the entire complaint” and that there is evidence that “undeniably” proves the opposite of the allegations, has a statement that Variety shared, rang.

Diesel’s representatives did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Jonasson waived the right to anonymity usually given to victims of alleged sexual abuse.

The international #MeToo movement has already led to the successful prosecution of several influential men in the entertainment industry for their abusive and offensive behaviour. It started in 2017 with accusations against industry mogul Harvey Weinstein. The complaint against him ultimately led to Weinstein being jailed on a string of sexual assault convictions.