Shangri-Las lead singer, 75, dies


Mary Weiss, the lead singer of the American music group, the Shangri-Las, died on Friday at the age of 75.

A representative for Weiss’ record company, Norton Records, confirmed this news to the media. However, the cause of her death has not yet been disclosed.

The Shangri-Las were formed in Queens, New York, USA in the 1960s and consisted of two pairs of sisters, Weiss and her sister, Elizabeth “Betty” Weiss, along with twins Marguerite “Marge” Ganser and Mary Ann Ganser .

They met at school and started performing together as teenagers. The group’s name was inspired by a restaurant in their neighborhood.

The Shangri-Las released their debut single, “Remember (Walking in the Sand)” in 1964, with famous songs such as “Leader of the Pack”, “Great Big Kiss” and “Heaven Only Knows” following soon after.

Although they disbanded in 1968, less than four years after the release of their first big hit, in the midst of legal issues, the group is regarded as a pioneer for female vocal groups.

“Mary was an icon, a hero, a heroine, for young men and women of my generation and of all generations,” Miriam Linna of Norton Records told the BBC.

Weiss was absent from the music industry for many years and allegedly worked for an architectural firm for many years. However, she has a solo album with the title in 2007 Dangerous Game reached out.

Weiss’s sister, Betty, is the group’s only surviving member.

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