Shocked when ‘positive farm boy’ himself asked to pack a bag


“Now the way is open for you.”

With these words Riaan Snyder, a safety, health and environmental management officer of Piet Retief in Mpumalanga, a tearful Blue in Thursday evening’s installment of the kykNET reality series Farm boy greeted.

The 30-year-old shocked viewers after he himself asked his Groenkloof teammate to send him home from the cooperative visit and also offered to pour some of his own salt into Blue’s silo.

“I am finished. I’m out As in out, out, out. My heart is no longer there. I know where my limit is,” were his shocking words to Blue.

“My goal was to Farm boy to tackle in an honorable and sincere manner. I reached a crossroads where I felt like I would have to give up the person I worked so hard to become in order to stay in the game, and I didn’t want to risk it,” he tells RNews in an interview .

“I wanted to prove that you don’t have to conspire or be behind to win, and I’m proud that I made it all the way to the top ten that way.”

This rural man, who was known for his positive attitude and team spirit, talks candidly about his struggle with depression and the effect it had on his Farm boy-had experience.

“I would have to be my ‘old self’ to progress, and was the type of person who was defensive and walked over people. In a darker stage of my life, this was the way I thought I could survive, but I am stronger because of it and don’t want to be that person again.”

According to Riaan, the prize money was never his main goal either.

“I wanted to prove myself as a person to those who doubted me or had superficial preconceived ideas of me. Every additional day on the farm was a grace for me and an opportunity to try to project a positive image.”

According to Riaan, his decision to assist and trust Blue came down to his “commitment to the original Groenkloof team”, but also their friendship.

RNews previously reported that Farm boy-presenter Ewan Strydom made for a tension-filled episode last week after he gave the programme’s two teams, Oranjezicht and Groenkloof, a proper shake-up.

With these changes, Riaan and Blue were the only Groenkloof members left in the new team.

However, after a second shake-up in Thursday night’s episode, Monique, also an original Groenkloof member, was back with her team and conspired with Blue to convince Liovian and André (who were originally at Oranjezicht) to sell their pickle pennies. play.

Blue also shared Riaan’s wishes with her and promised to fulfill them.

“I had a choice to spare someone from my team and give them the chance to reach the finish line. Blue also represented to me a strong personality and the best chance to progress further.”

A second shock in Thursday night’s delivery was the tie between Blue and Riaan at the cooperative visit. Riaan was sent home in the end after Monique raised her hand to add salt to Blue’s bucket.

“I saw from the beginning that Blue is a very strategic person. I also think the program portrays me as someone who didn’t think ahead, but I hope they now see that I wasn’t completely without a plan. I read all kinds of psychological books before Farm boy and learned to sometimes make it look like I don’t know how people are talking or conspiring about me.”

For Riaan, Groenkloof was more than a team – rather a piece of pride. After all, he says in his last video diary that his blood “will always be green”.

Still, he confesses that his loyalty to the team might hurt him when the game later becomes more individualistic than team-driven and adds that he was not comfortable with the initial team shake-ups.

“I think I was a bit too emotional and struggled to accept the new people on our farm. Looking back on it now and especially seeing Michelle and Liovian’s comments about me and our farm, it’s not nice, but that’s just how it works. That’s the game.”

Riaan she thinks Farm boy-experience was also just enriching.

“Of course, every Friday morning, after Thursday night’s episode, it is also the main talking point at my work for the first 15 minutes of the day. My colleagues then only want to joke and discuss everything,” he teases.

Even without the prize money, Riaan still feels as if he walked away victorious.

“A four-year-old boy recently attacked me at Nampo and said: ‘Uncle Riaan, uncle Riaan. you’re me favourite on the show.’ So if I could only be a positive image for someone… You can’t put money on that.”

  • Farm boy can be seen Thursdays at 20:00 on kykNET, DStv channel 144.