Showmax puts on a new jacket


Eight years after Showmax entered the South African market, this streaming platform plans to make 2024 its biggest year yet by revamping all its services.

The platform will be re-launched in February with a completely new front view, an app and a host of new local and international movies and TV series.

Showmax dons a brand new jacket after MultiChoice signed a partnership with the international media companies NBCUniversal and Sky Sports.

“We have an incredible new technology platform, a bold brand that truly represents our driving force and a content slate that is second to none,” says Marc Jury, CEO of Showmax.

“No other streaming service in Africa can offer what Showmax brings to the table this year.”

The agreement with international media companies ensures that Showmax migrates to a new streaming platform that will appeal worldwide.

“The migration to Peacock streaming means that Showmax is ready to broaden its offering, and quickly,” says Jury.

“The robust platform is used worldwide and is known for its streaming of sports, especially after streaming the American Super Bowl live to more than six million users simultaneously.”

Showmax subscribers will now be treated to an “unmatched international offering” from entertainment brands such as Universal Pictures, DreamWorks Animation, HBO, Warner Bros. Discovery, Paramount and Sony.

The international offers include Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoningalso Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Versethe second season of Hello and Lawman: Bass Reeves.

Comedy series like The Office and Parks and Recreation will also continue to be available on Showmax, as well as HBO’s series House of the Dragon and the second season of The Last of Us.

Showmax will also expand its local offering by streaming a total of 21 Showmax Original TV series in February. This means that subscribers can enjoy an average of more than 3.5 hours of new local content every day.

The varied series include the adaptation of a local bestseller, Catch Me A Killerbased on the memoirs of Micki Pistorius, South Africa’s first serial killer profiler.

Showmax will also launch a number of local movies for Valentine’s Day, including Matilda and Matthys.

The new Showmax will comprise three options namely Showmax Entertainment, Showmax Entertainment Mobile and Showmax Premier League Mobile.

These plans are tailored for those looking for entertainment, or rather just want to watch all 380 football games in one place.

“We have all the ingredients to become the number one streaming service for Africa,” says Jury.