Six trucks set on fire at Van Reenenspass


Six trucks were set on fire on the Van Reenens Pass in KwaZulu-Natal on Saturday evening. The N3 remains closed and motorists are advised to use alternative routes.

“A gang of armed men forced six lorry drivers to stop on the Van Reenens Pass at around 22:00,” the police said in a statement. “They set fire to all six trucks and the road was blocked to all traffic.”

No injuries were reported.

“The motive for the attack is not known at this stage. Detectives from the Van Reenen police are investigating a case of intentional damage to property.”

A large number of officers were deployed to the area. The police’s public order unit is monitoring the situation. “The road remains closed.”

No injuries were reported.

Traffic in a northern direction (on the way to Johannesburg) is stopped at Tugela Plaza and traffic in a southern direction (in the direction of Durban) is stopped at Van Reenenspas.

Fleetwatch, a magazine for truck drivers, said in a post on social media that the attack was apparently well planned. “They stopped the trucks by placing debris and stones on the road, shooting at them and setting the trucks on fire. It was not a mass demonstration by a crowd. It was not a service delivery type of protest either. This was a ‘hit squad’.”

Fleetwatch say they can only speculate about the motive, but will only know the facts once the attackers are arrested.

“Millions of rand were lost through the destruction of six previously productive trucks – and the goods they were transporting. Add to that the money lost to the economy due to one of South Africa’s most essential transport routes for hours while hundreds of trucks will experience delays loading or delivering goods. Trucks are the wheels of the economy and tonight these wheels have come to a standstill.”

UPDATE AND COMMENT ON VAN REENEN’S TRUCK ATTACKSJuly 9th- 03h15: FleetWatch has spoken to a senior traffic official on…

Posted by Fleetwatch on Saturday, July 8, 2023