‘Skollie’ dies


Written by Johan Viljoen

The famous actor George Ballot died at the age of 77 at Riebeek-Kasteel in the Western Cape.

He has lived here for the past more than two decades.

Many will still remember him for his role as Skollie in the popular Five star-TV series that was shown on the box in the 80s.

The artist Louisa Gerryts, a long-time friend and neighbour, says that when Ballot did not respond to her messages on Monday, she suspected trouble and then asked the police to investigate at his home.

There they found him in his bed.

Gerryts says he has struggled with poor circulation in recent years. Although the cause of his death is still unknown, she suspects it was a heart attack or aneurysm. He is believed to have passed away on Saturday.

Gerryts says Ballot fell in love with Riebeek-Kasteel in 2000 when they were working on a bank advertisement that was shot in Royalstraat. He then bought property and they have been neighbors for the past 22 years. Despite their good relationship, she had never been to his house.

“He used to always go to the primary school to help with drama when they did performances.

“George was just a bit stubborn. But we understood each other. I think he was also just a hoarder.
She says that Ballot sold part of his erf earlier this year and said that he just wanted to make the remaining part beautiful, also sell it and then move to Malmesbury.

Ballot previously performed various roles after studying at the University of Pretoria and in 1968 joined the then Transvaal Council for the Performing Arts.

Next to her role as the criminal Skollie Five star (two series), as well as the films Scallop and Five Star: The lockhe was initially seen in quite a few theater plays and later movies.

Among his stage performances count Seer in the Suburbs, The seagull, Mattewis and Meraai, The Rebellion of Lafras Verwey, Toings, A cedar falls in Waterkloofand And It Was Tomorrow (1985).

He also appeared in TV series like TJ7, Arsenal and Kicks farmer played as well as several movies. It closes Blink Stefaans, Don’t forget me, Aunt Ralie’s Boarding House, Styx and Orkney Don’t Snore! 2 in.

Ballot settled in the Riebeek Valley in the early 2000s, after running an art gallery in Cape Town.

Since then, he has largely disappeared from the public eye and led a private, quiet existence. He was usually seen when he went shopping in Malmesbury or with his bike and his dog on a leash at the local shop a few hundred meters from his house.

Ballot was previously married to Nerine, who now lives in Cape Town

His brother, Dr. Muller Ballot (85), is emeritus professor of art history and retired director of the university museum at Stellenbosch University. He says that Ballot was the youngest of three children and completed matric at the Hoër Volkskool Heidelberg (Gauteng). He is also survived by his sister, Petro Pelser (89) who lives in Middelburg, Mpumalanga.