Slow down with the water, Johannesburgers


Rand Water and Johannesburg Water have noticed increased water consumption in the Johannesburg metro and are now appealing to residents to use less water.

Rand Water says it is not able to maintain high water levels in its reservoirs at this stage despite the fact that its primary and secondary stations are currently operating at maximum capacity.

The water supplier says its reservoir levels are at their lowest due to the high water consumption in the metro.

He warns that high water consumption can lead to the collapse of the system which will result in interrupted water supply. And since the system is integrated, even those who use water sparingly will be affected.

‚ÄúSouth Africa is a water-scarce country; therefore, consumer behavior is important to ensure sustainable and equitable water supply. Rand Water and Johannesburg Water request customers, consumers and all citizens to save water,” the water suppliers say in a joint statement.

That way you can save water

  • Do not water gardens.
  • Don’t wash cars.
  • Do not clean driveways or sidewalks with garden hoses.
  • Do not fill swimming pools.
  • Flush toilets only when necessary.
  • Turn off a running tap while you brush your teeth.
  • Reduce daily water consumption as much as possible.