Smash Mouth singer dies


Steve Harwell, the frontman of the American rock group, Smash Mouth, died on September 4 at the age of 56.

Robert Hayes, Smash Mouth’s longtime manager, confirmed that Harwell died at his home in Idaho, USA, “surrounded by friends and family”. Hayes previously confirmed that Harwell was in the final stages of liver failure before he died.

“Steve lived a full life. He shone brightly on the world before he burned out,” reads a message shared on Smash Mouth’s official Instagram page.

Smash Mouth is best known for hits like “All Star”, “Walkin’ on the Sun” and “I’m a Believer”.

Harwell was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy in 2013 and later with a neurological condition that affected his speech and memory. He officially retired in 2021 due to physical and mental health problems.

Harwell has struggled with alcoholism throughout his life, and took to the stage under the influence in 2021, just before announcing that he would be leaving the band. After that, videos of the performance, where he stumbled over his words and was clearly intoxicated, began to circulate. His retirement was announced soon after.

Additional sources: BBC News