Sobey is ActionSA’s premier candidate for WC


Angela Sobey is ActionSA’s premier candidate for the Western Cape.

On Tuesday, she delivered a speech outside her former home in Manenberg, her hometown, and undertook to do everything in her power to uplift communities – especially extremely poor people – in this province.

Before her new role as prime ministerial candidate, Sobey was ActionSA’s board member in Johannesburg.

According to Sobey, it was precisely in Manenberg where her “activist spirit was born”, and therefore it was symbolic that her speech was delivered here.

“On my return to Manenberg I was confronted with the sad reality that this community is still characterized by widespread poverty, underdevelopment and increasing gang violence.

“With decades passing without any real efforts to uplift this community, these problems have only gotten worse. It is here, during my formative years, where I committed myself to the struggle to fight the injustices that consign our people to poverty and unimaginable suffering.

“Years later, these circumstances are still unchanged, and so my commitment still stands. The fight for a better and safer Western Cape for everyone will now continue.”

Sobey says she does not dispute that the Western Cape has certainly experienced progress. Yet most of this province’s residents, especially those on the Cape Flats, have yet to experience any tangible difference in their own lives in terms of progress.

“Our people are suffering. It’s a reality that cannot be hidden by any paid public relations campaign.

“It takes a 20-minute drive on the N2 to witness this first-hand and due to the failure to tackle clear inequalities, the Western Cape presents a contrasting image, a tale of two provinces.”

On the one hand, says Sobey, are picture-perfect suburbs. On the other side lie forgotten, impoverished communities.

“That is why it is my single greatest mission to ensure that every Western Cape resident, regardless of their postcode, lives in a province where safety, equal access to services and the chance for a dignified life are non-negotiable.”

Herman Mashaba, president of ActionSA, shared a photo of him and Sobey in Manenberg on social media and says he has full confidence in her.

“I have no doubt that Angela is the one the people of the Western Cape need to give a voice to those who have long been forgotten,” Mashaba wrote with this photo.

“As she has done throughout her life, she will dedicate herself to improving the lives of the marginalized in the province.”