Social workers attacked, robbed


Two social workers from a charity organization in Krugersdorp were attacked and robbed shortly after each other on Saturday while they were busy helping people in need.

Melodie van Brakel, founder of the welfare organization Cradle of Hope in Krugersdorp, said on Monday that she could not believe her ears.

Within a few hours, two social workers, one a student who is preparing to become a social worker, were attacked in Krugersdorp’s business centre.

“We are so shocked and saddened by what happened. How should we do our work,” Van Brakel sadly wanted to know.

Both of the workers’ mobile phones, which belong to Cradle of Hope, were stolen during the incidents.

Rosetta Stuurman (39), who had just passed her exams, was busy with her tasks in the business center on Saturday when she was robbed.

Before the mobile phone was snatched from her, she was stabbed in the thigh with a knife.

According to Van Brakel, Stuurman had to get eight stitches to close the wound and also received clamp-in-the-jaw injections.

“She is okay, for now,” says Van Brakel.

In the midst of this drama, Van Brakel received another call.

This time it was Colin Mazavanzvike (40), the organization’s donation facilitator, who was robbed.

Mazavanzvike was picked around and robbed of all her groceries, personal money as well as Cradle of Hope’s donations, the office cell phone and keys.

“It’s unthinkable,” Van Brakel said despondently.

Apart from having to turn to social media on Monday to obtain new mobile phones, she also had to arrange for Mazavanzvike to go for a follow-up doctor’s visit.

It is feared that Mazavanzvike’s arm may be broken.

“Is this what has become of our town now,” Van Brakel asked despondently.

In the meantime, she also had to make arrangements so that Cradle of Hope’s assistance in and around Krugersdorp could continue as usual.

It was a struggle with two stolen phones.

“We really can’t run the shelter efficiently without a decent functional mobile phone. Nobody can get hold of us now either,” says Van Brakel.

The Gauteng police could not immediately confirm the incidents.