Solidarity Movement takes over reins at coastal holiday destination


For more than five decades, it has been the aim of the Bosbokstrand private nature reserve on the Eastern Cape Wild Coast to protect and preserve the pristine natural heritage that falls under its control.

Along with this, the owners wanted to create a relaxing home, away from the hectic city life.

This responsibility is now being taken over by the Solidarity Movement, which consists of a family of community organizations and institutions such as Solidarity, AfriForum, Helpende Hand and Akademia.

Henk Schalekamp, ​​managing director of Kanton (the Solidarity Movement’s investment company), says that this resort’s original owners recently donated their unique holiday destination to the Solidarity Movement.

According to Schalekamp, ​​the owner, who prefers to remain anonymous, decided to donate Bosbokstrand to the organization because she trusts the institution to live out her family’s goals with the resort and to develop it further within their “do-it-yourself culture”. .

“This is truly a unique opportunity. Because we as the Solidarity Movement want to serve people in its totality and are a community network, we can also establish a community here in a relaxing environment,” says Schalekamp.

Bosbokstrand is a private nature reserve and is enclosed in a bay between Haga-Haga and Cintsa. It is located approximately 70 km from East London.

The beach is described as a “fishing paradise” and is covered in places with rock banks and stretches for several kilometers. The lagoon also offers a wonderful and safe swimming place for both children and adults.

Adventure seekers can look forward to breathtaking hiking trails that run through pristine forests and gorges, home to more than 240 bird species and 12 species of buck. This includes giraffes and zebras. Visitors also get free access to the resort’s tennis and volleyball courts.

Peaceful holidaymakers can even visit Bosbokstrand’s library.

Bosbokstrand is open to members and supporters of the Solidarity Movement’s various institutions and offers camping and chalet accommodation options. However, no day visitors are allowed.

According to Schalekamp, ​​especially those who enjoy the South Coast’s climate and natural beauty will do well at Bosbokstrand. “It is extremely peaceful, safe and very beautiful. It’s not the type of place for loud music, but rather a place where you can really switch off and enjoy and appreciate the natural beauty.”

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