Songwriter celebrates first track in two years


The meaning of the words “forever” has always eluded William Wolf. A struggle with these words led to a love song, which is also his first track in two years.

“I see the song as a comment on the reason for our existence, which is social interaction. We, as humans, need each other. Along with that, I wrote uplifting and positive lyrics for the song,” William explained to RNews.

This is William’s first song in a few years, an exciting challenge that he took on together with Vonk Musiek, the record company under which artists such as Dozi, Jan Rhaap, TiNO and Andriëtte also make music.

Although today William enjoys writing and releasing his own music, over the years he has gained notoriety in the music industry for his work as a professional songwriter.

He has written with artists such as Brendan Peyper, Kurt Darren, Willem Botha, Irene-Louise van Wyk, Pieter Koen, EarlyB and Fatman. Songs such as “O my vy”, “Tableberg for two” and “Kiss and forget” appeared from his pen.

When one listens to William’s own music, including “Droom” and “Forever”, it is hard to imagine that this singer and songwriter was responsible for dozens of Afrikaans hits.

“It’s definitely a creative outlet, although I wouldn’t sing such songs myself. It’s nice to write these types of songs as well.”

In his 15 years as a songwriter, William admits that he has learned to be less sentimental about his own work, and above all that no artist or songwriter is an island. There will always be constructive criticism and encouraging advice, and it is in the artist’s hands to decide whether this will have any impact on their work.

With the release of “Forever”, William also extends a helping hand to emerging artists.

“Anyone can record ‘Forever’ in their own style, and enter the Dream Day competition with this new version. They then stand the chance to win a single package worth R100 000.”

Several judges, including Vonk Musiek’s Kobie Koen and singer Dozi, will then listen to the new version and decide on a winner. This winner will then have the opportunity to have a song, written by or with William, recorded in the studio. The winner will also walk away with a photo session, a professional publicity package and a music video.

William remembers his own beginnings in the music industry, decades ago. He does not hesitate to admit that he often felt alone in his career, and that he longed for a mentor to help him brave the waters of the industry.

“This is exactly why I started this competition. This is my way of giving back, helping newcomers and playing the role of the mentor that was missing in my own career.”

When he thinks of new and emerging artists, there is one message he would like to share with them: “Know where your strength lies.

“People are going to want to silence you. Sometimes you’re going to have to accept criticism, sometimes not. You should also know that talent does not always equate to success. The most successful artists in our industry are people who work incredibly hard.

“You’re also going to have to raise your hand and seize opportunities – dream softly, but for sure also dream out loud.”

  • For more information about William Wolf’s Dream Day Contest, visit this website.

Watch William Wolf’s “Forever” music video here: