Spectator drops half of Tour de France


A spectator who got in the way of a cyclist in the Tour de France caused a collision with a domino effect.

About half of all the cyclists still participating in the Tour de France were involved in the collision.

On Sunday, the Tour de France had barely kicked off the 15th leg of this world-famous race when a spectator apparently stuck out his arm just as the peloton passed, reports Cycling News.

The group of cyclists, led by Sepp Kuss from the team Jumbo-Visma, was just riding through a narrowing in the road when Kuss collided with the spectator and caused numerous other collisions.

Although the collision delayed many of the cyclists’ race, soon afterwards everyone was back on their feet and ready to continue with the Tour de France.

Fortunately for the leaders, Jonas Vingegaard and Tadej Pogacar, they narrowly missed this collision.

The latest collision comes a day after numerous cyclists fell on a wet corner of the race road. About 50 cyclists fell, delaying their race by 25 minutes.

Several teams in the Tour de France have already called on spectators on social media to be vigilant and not get in the cyclists’ way.

A woman who caused a large accumulation of cyclists in 2021 when she stood in the road with a poster was arrested at the time and finally fined €1,200.

This after prosecutors initially asked for a four-month suspended prison sentence on the charge that the woman endangered lives and caused unintentional injuries.

The Tour de France’s official Twitter account shared a video of another cyclist almost falling due to a spectator’s arm earlier this week.