Spectators chant national anthems at Rugby World Cup


Rugby spectators condemn the sound of the national anthems at the opening matches of the Rugby World Cup in France.

According to viewers, everything sounded incoherent on the broadcasts and there were times when it sounded like several versions were being sung at the same time.

Fans initially took to social media about the match between France and New Zealand in Paris.

“Whoever came up with that adaptation should be fired,” said one viewer on X (Twitter). “They made up those national anthems. Hopefully the rugby will be better!” said RugbyLAD on X.

Viewers were once again rioting over the Italian national anthem, “Il Canto degli Italiani” before the match against Namibia.

Before each match, a recording of a children’s choir singing the songs is used and it is not well received, reports Planet Rugby.

“A World Cup where the Italian and French national anthems are messed up is unforgivable,” added someone else.

Requests have been made to the organizers of the World Cup to make changes before the next match.

“They should scrap the children’s choir at the World Cup. They adore all the national anthems,” added Tom O’Hanlon.

X-user Marie explained why a recording is used over the speaker system rather than the children’s choir performing themselves. “It’s actually a sad story. The French rugby federation instructed some schools to sing the national anthems with a promise that they would be able to perform and attend the matches. At the eleventh hour, however, they changed their minds. They recorded the children and told them to enjoy the matches on television…”

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