Spit, shake, and dance for a good cause


A festival for the whole family. Get ready for a day of fun and celebration! Solidarity Helping Hand’s Empower a Child project offers you an incredible opportunity for the first time in collaboration with HelpJag. And this one has something for everyone in your family!

This is not just a festival, but a festival where you can feast. Enjoy a delicious lamb on the spit, together with a variety of side dishes that will make your mouth water. This is an opportunity to taste the flavors of South Africa and spoil your stomach a little. A day where the whole family can visit.

You can shake your hips and feel the rhythm of our local music. Come enjoy the entertainment of local band Vending Machine, and get ready to put on your dancing shoes. The dance floor is waiting for you! With Ricus Nel and his Boerepompie as entertainment, a cash bar to quench the thirst and a children’s kraal to keep the little lambs busy. Here flour is thrown and danced. There will also be a late night DJ who will play music for us.


Mutton not your taste? Don’t worry! There will be a variety of alternative food stalls to satisfy your hunger.

For the small team there is a lamb pen full of fun and entertainment. Let your children enjoy a wonderful day with activities such as holding lockers, chain shooting, disc shooting, and even an exciting tractor ride.

Where and when

The event takes place on Saturday, 11 November 2023, from 14:00 at @75 events Venue Tierpoort 75 Leribisi Street, Pretoria East, Tierpoort.

Go buy your ticket now

Your ticket includes side dishes and a spit as well as a spit, shake and dance glass. Tickets are available at https://itickets.co.za/events/474597 and for children under 12 years of age entry is free.

Dance, socialize and create hope

The festival is going to be unforgettable, but it’s not just about the fun we’re going to have. All proceeds from the day are donated to the Empower a Child project, which ensures our children’s future. Every little bit makes a difference and your participation in this special day is an act of love and support for children in need.

So put on your dancing shoes, get ready for a feast and come visit us for an unforgettable day of fun and doing something good for a worthy cause. See you there!

Main sponsors of the function are Sai and Spektrum audience.