Springbok police in court over ‘theft’


A senior officer attached to the police on Springbok in the Northern Cape has been arrested for alleged theft of thousands of rand.

Lt. Col. Nomvula Jacobs was arrested on Tuesday. She was acting as station commander when the alleged offense was committed.

“Jacobs is accused of stealing R291 700 from the police station’s SAP 13 store, the safe where evidence is stored,” says Lt. Col. Tebogo Thebe, spokesperson for the Falcons.

A total of R102 700 of the money that was allegedly stolen was supposed to be paid into the state’s asset recovery account after the High Court made an order about it. The balance of R189 000 is money related to various other pending cases.

“The investigation team made the discovery (about the theft) after several attempts to gain access to the safe – but the key was searching.”

The safe was finally opened at the end of August, after which a case of theft was filed against the acting station commander, says Thebe.

Jacobs briefly appeared in the Springbok Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday, where she was released on bail of R4 000. The case against her was adjourned until October for further investigation.

The Hawks’ Northern Cape chief, maj-gen. Stephen Mabuela, expressed his disappointment with the alleged theft by a police officer.