Springbok visit ‘Binnelanders’


Before Eben Etzebeth starts packing his bags for the World Cup, he will first make a trip to the city of Jakaranda to watch the popular kykNET soap opera, Domesticspeeking in.

Eben, one of the country’s most famous rugby players, will participate in the World Cup in France with the rest of the Springboks in September. However, a fictitious shoulder injury is what lands him in the Binneland clinic.

“It was unique and also wonderful to meet him. I just think back to the movie, gladiator. These guys put their lives on the line and so does rugby. They are gladiators and we are the spectators watching them entertain us. A sports star is just different – more famous,” Reynardt Hugo told RNews. Reynardt plays the role of dr. Tertius Jonker, who is responsible for treating Eben’s injured shoulder.

The other actors who will appear on the box together with Eben are Germandt Geldenhuys and Je-ani Swiegelaar. They were just as excited to rub shoulders with a Springbok.

“It’s always nice to get people from outside who play ‘themselves’. People like Appel, Ricus Nel and Spoegwolf have already stopped by my bar on the Domesticsset, but this was my first experience with a sports star,” says Germandt.

“It was really nice to be able to share a bit of our world with someone whose own world is quite far removed from what we do day after day.”

Je-ani was not only excited to Eben at Stark Studios, where Domestics being filmed, to welcome, but also to introduce two worlds to each other.

“What always surprises us is to hear that the visiting guests also watch our soap,” says Je-ani.

“It was very exciting to have him here, everyone welcomed him with open arms.”

The actors admit that the World Cup fever has not yet caught fire properly Domestics not, but that they suspect that one of these days the Springbok sweaters and scarves will start making their appearance among the actors.

For now, Germandt is focusing on the Netball World Cup, which is currently underway in Cape Town.

“At this stage, the Netball World Cup fever is running high for the time being Domestics. We must also support the women,” he says.

“Once it’s over, I can guarantee you that more and more of my colleagues will start showing up at work in their Springbok clothes, and then the fire will start to catch fire. Eben’s visit was a nice foretaste.”

It was for Elsje Stark, producer of domestics, a privilege to welcome a Springbok on the set of this daytime drama.

β€œIt was a joy to work with him. He is not only a forward of size, he is at home in front of the cameras as well. He was well prepared for his ‘role’, although his actress significant other Anlia probably had a lot to do with it. We would welcome Eben back anytime.”

  • Eben Etzebeth will enter Thursday August 10 and Friday August 11 Domestics to be seen. The soap opera is broadcast on DStv channel 144.