Stolen car found when suspect stops for fast food


Police officers located a stolen vehicle when its 50-year-old driver stopped for fast food at a drive-thru restaurant.

Capt. Loraine Earle, police spokesperson, says police officers had just finished their shift after participating in Operation Shanela in Sasolburg, when they received information from a security guard at the Sasolburg Boulevard Mall about a suspected stolen vehicle.

“The police found a Toyota Yaris with the registration number HRP 670 FS at a drive-through restaurant where it was standing in the drive-through queue. The driver, a foreigner, could not give proper answers as to why he was in possession of the vehicle.

“Further investigation showed that the vehicle was stolen in Kempton Park in January this year and was used during a kidnapping on January 10,” says Earle.

The suspect, a foreign citizen, was arrested and additionally fined for driving a vehicle without a driver’s license.

“He will appear on charges of possession of a stolen vehicle. His possible involvement in the theft of the vehicle and the kidnapping will also be investigated,” says Earle.