Street sweepers simply ‘white elephants’


The DA in Durban questions the alleged use of millions of rand for advanced street sweeper vehicles that have become white elephants.

Mzamo Billy, deputy caucus leader of the DA in the eThekwini municipality, says the party responded to a tip and approached the municipal head of the city fleet, Malcolm Joshua, to obtain further details about the procurement of the street sweepers. Taxpayers are said to have shelled out millions of rand to purchase the vehicles.

“So far, since it was acquired for use for the Durban promenade by the Cleaning and Solid Waste (CSW) unit, formerly Durban Solid Waste (DSW), the machines have not been put to use,” says Billy.

According to information the party obtained from a reliable source within CSW, the vehicles are allegedly not the right size and not suitable for local use. “It is also argued that no training was provided to help employees operate the street sweepers.”

The DA has seen the vehicles and can confirm that they are abandoned and gathering dust at CSW’s head office in Springfield Park, off Electron Road. “The condition of the vehicles is deteriorating while it never served its purpose.”

Billy says the ANC-EFF management has plunged eThekwini into financial chaos. “Although the latest situation is just another day in office for them, the DA views these allegations in the serious light they deserve.”

The DA expects Joshua to give a clear account of, among other things, the purchases of the vehicles, the exact amount spent to acquire them and the liability measures.