‘Sunshine Girls’ have the last laugh against Proteas


A poor performance in the third quarter of their World Cup match meant that the Proteas fell 67-49 against Jamaica in Cape Town.

The South Africans then conceded 20 goals, while they could only score three goals themselves.

Jahniele Fowler, who stands 1.98 m in her socks, delivered a huge performance for Jamaica in the goal circle and she effortlessly sank one goal after another.

Karla Pretorius was later moved to defensive wing in an apparent attempt to prevent the ball from reaching Fowler.

But in the third quarter, the Jamaican captain had hopelessly too much firepower for the home side, while Shamera Sterling and Jodi-Ann Ward thwarted the Protea attacks.

Despite the disastrous performance in the penultimate quarter, the home team did not play too badly.

Lenize Potgieter came up with accurate play as a goal, while Nichole Taljaard provided a welcome adrenaline injection when she made her appearance on the court.

Maybe Ine-Marí Venter also deserves a more regular chance to play.

However, one can see that the Sunshine Girls are the Commonwealth silver medalists. They are clinical and they are good enough to win the important moments of a game.

In contrast, the Proteas will have to improve to make their podium dream a reality. They can’t just rely on their supporters’ enthusiastic encouragement to pull the wagon through the drift.

Protea Team: Lenize Potgieter (goal), Elmeré van der Berg (assist goal), Bongi Msomi (captain and attacking wing), Khanyisa Chawane (centre), Jeanté Strydom (defensive wing), Karla Pretorius (assistant defender), Phumza Maweni (defender). Substitutes: Ine-Marí Venter, Nichole Taljaard, Izette Griesel, Shadine van der Merwe and Nichola Smith.

  • Breakdown of quarters:

First quarter: 16–12 for Jamaica

Second quarter: 16–14 for Jamaica

Third quarter 20–3 for Jamaica

Fourth quarter: 20–15 for South Africa