Super Schoenmaker swims silver loose


A superb piece of acceleration in the darts of the 100 m breaststroke final ensured that Tatjana Schoenmaker – just like at the Olympic Games – swam a silver medal in Japan.

This time at the World Championship in Fuecooka.

Admittedly, the South African’s reaction time at the starting blocks was not as fast as that of Ruta Meilutyte and co., while she also had to struggle at the turn to stay among the leading swimmers.

But boy did she no doubt turn on the taps over the last 20m to claim the eventual second place.

Parents’ habit was rewarded with a big Schoenmaker smile when she turned around and saw her time (1:05.84) on the big screen.

Meilutyte, who set the fastest qualifying time, collected the gold medal with Lydia Jacoby in third place.

The world record holder, Lilly King, had to settle for fourth place.

Schoenmaker had earlier swum times of 1:05.56 and 1:05.53 in the heats and she said that she was very satisfied with her efforts in the run-up to the final.

“It was my fastest time since the Olympics and I was very pleased with it. This meant that I could enjoy the action in the semi-final and final because I had already achieved a good time in the qualifying round.”

Results (100m breaststroke final):

  1. Ruta Mile time: 1:04.62
  2. Tatjana Shoemaker: 1:05.84
  3. Lydia Jacoby: 1:05.94
  4. Lilly King: 1:06.02
  5. Mona McSharry: 1:06.07
  6. Eneli Yefimova: 1:06.36
  7. Sophie Hansson: 1:06.61
  8. Satomi Suzuki: 1:06.67

South Africa’s swimming team to Japan: Aimee Canny, Emma Chelius, Milla Drakopoulos, Trinity Hearne, Michael Houlie, Clayton Jimmie, Rebecca Meder, Righardt Muller, Roland Schoeman, Tatjana Schoenmaker and Lara van Niekerk.