Support in Moladora case of ‘cardinal importance’


Saai and TLU SA welcomed Agri SA’s entry into the Moladora case and financial assistance for it.

RNews reported earlier that a controversial ruling in favor of land occupiers who kept livestock on a farm without permission has led Agri SA to decide to assist the landowner in his appeal case.

In this case, judge Jane Cowen ruled in November that the Mereki children did not have to remove their livestock from the farm Wildebeeslaagte in the North West. The judge found that the passage of time before the case was reported did imply consent from the owner.

Agri NW, Mpumalanga Landbou, TLU SA and Saai have so far been involved in the case because, according to these organisations, it “can have damning consequences for property rights and potential implications for every farmer”.

“Given the extensive costs associated with the appeal case, the original contributors decided to pool resources, expertise and capacity to have the greatest possible impact on the outcome of the case,” says Bennie van Zyl, general manager of TLU SA.

“TLU SA has already made a financial contribution and agreed to provide its legal team’s input to Saai, who is acting as a friend of the court.”

According to Theo de Jager, chairman of Saai, this kind of cooperation is of “cardinal importance” to ensure that the right economic principles are implemented in the interests of the agricultural industry.

“If similar contributions can be made in the field of farm safety, rural crime prevention, action against fraud and state creation in land reform and service delivery, it will usher in a new era in the promotion of agricultural interests.”

TLU SA and Saai say they hope other agricultural organizations and stakeholders will also realize how important it is to support and strengthen the relevant organizations – for the benefit of the agricultural industry.