Suspects still wanted after Durban shooting


By Saturday morning, the police in KwaZulu-Natal were still looking for the suspects who could be linked to a shooting in the Durban city centre.

The shooting took place on Friday afternoon in Bertha Mkhize Street in the city center after a robbery allegedly went awry.

According to col. Robert Netshiunda, police spokesperson, when the police arrived at the scene, they found seven wounded people in the street. They suffered minor to moderate injuries.

“According to information, two suspects entered a shop while two more suspects were guarding the door,” confirms Netshiunda.

“The suspects in the store looted an unknown amount of cash from the cash register.”

Some of the suspects fled the scene in a getaway car while others fled on foot.

“Reports indicate that a security guard who was in the area chased the suspects who tried to flee on foot. One suspect allegedly fired shots at the guard, wounding him. The suspect then fired shots randomly and wounded six members of the public.”

The wounded persons, two women and five men, including the security guard, were taken to the hospital for further medical care.

Police were deployed to track down the suspects.