Taylor, Travis’ ‘Super Bowl kiss’ steals spotlight


Pop singer Taylor Swift’s blossoming romance with Kansas City Chiefs football star Travis Kelce once again stole the spotlight at the annual National Football League (NFL) Super Bowl football championship in Las Vegas, USA on Sunday.

Taylor and Travis shared a smoldering kiss in front of hundreds of cameras after the football player’s team lifted the Super Bowl trophy thanks to their 25-22 victory against the San Francisco 49ers.

The “Anti-Hero” singer performed in Tokyo, Japan on Saturday night before hopping on a private jet to be in time for the NFL championship finale spectacular in Las Vegas.

This is the 13th game that Taylor has attended since she and Travis became a couple in September last year.

The so-called “Swift effect” has dominated the NFL ever since and increased its TV audience, especially among young women.

The BBC reports that the brand value of the NFL and the Chiefs has increased by $331m (nearly R6 billion) since September last year.

Sales of Travis’ red Chiefs football jersey have also increased by 400% since Taylor first showed up at an NFL game in a red custom version.

Celebrities such as tennis star Andy Murray and former first lady Hillary Clinton acknowledged Taylor’s impact on the football community in their congratulations to the Chiefs on social media.

“Congratulations to Taylor Swift on winning Super Bowl 58! What a great show,” Andy wrote, while Hillary simply referred to Travis as “Taylor Swift’s boyfriend” in her X post.

Although Taylor’s NFL media attention at Chiefs games is criticized by some fans, celebrities such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and the British singer Adele stepped in for the pop star.

Adele, who is currently doing a year-long concert series in Las Vegas, said during a recent performance that those who only say Taylor Swift’s NFL influence “need to get a life”, while Schwarzenegger praised her influence on American football.

Although the spotlight was largely on her and Travis, Taylor was only one of many celebrities to descend on Las Vegas on Sunday.

Beyoncé, as well as her husband, chat rhymer Jay-Z, and their eldest daughter, Blue Ivy, surprised the crowd with their attendance. The singer also announced the launch of her new album here.

The Beatles singer Paul McCartney and actress Blake Lively were also among the celebrities who attended the event.

American hip-hop singer Usher performed at the Super Bowl’s famous annual halftime show and invited celebrities such as Alicia Keys, will.i.am and Ludacris together on stage.

Sources: BBC, People, Variety.