Technical problems delay double murder case on Kosmos


Paul Prinsloo, the so-called Kosmos shooter who is on trial on two charges of murder, still remains behind bars after his application for bail was delayed again on Thursday.

Nor was it only the 62-year-old Prinsloo’s case that could not proceed in the British Magistrate’s Court in the North West; numerous other cases also had to be postponed in a hurry after an electric cable broke down and left large parts of Brits’ business center, including the court, without power.

Prinsloo is on trial on charges of premeditated murder for the double murder of his wife, Catherina Magdalena Prinsloo (58), and his stepdaughter, Ruzanne Weideman.

He apparently planned in advance to shoot Magdalena and Ruzanne dead with a hunting rifle in their house on Kosmos, Hartbeespoort. The shooting was on November 27.

During Prinsloo’s previous court appearance, Nico Pienaar, a family friend of the family, began testifying for the state about what apparently happened on that fateful day.

According to Pienaar’s testimony, he visited the couple’s house around 12:00 that day. According to him, he and Prinsloo were sitting by the pool where Ruzanne’s seven-year-old daughter was playing in the pool.

There were apparently several heated arguments, before Prinsloo went to get his firearm and allegedly shot the two women dead, one after the other.

Pienaar was to be cross-examined by Prinsloo’s legal team on Thursday. After the case was initially delayed and then resumed, it was adjourned again after the recording machines in the court gave up.

RNews understands that these machines break down quickly in the event of severe power outages.

Prinsloo’s bail application is expected to continue again in June.