Tens of thousands of Brits, Irish shrouded in darkness after storm


Thousands of people in England and Ireland are without power after storm Isha brought heavy rain and strong winds to these countries on Monday. This is the ninth storm to hit the United Kingdom (UK) since September.

Dozens of flights were canceled or delayed by late Sunday night, with some planes diverted after being unable to land due to strong winds. Gusts of up to 159 km/h were recorded in north-east England on Monday and the whole of the UK is subject to weather warnings.

In Ireland, at least 235,000 households are experiencing power cuts due to storm Isha and another 45,000 people in Northern Ireland currently have no electricity. Thousands of properties in the north west of England and Wales were also shrouded in darkness.

Several roads in Scotland have been forced to close due to fallen trees.

Uprooted trees in Scotland led to the closure of major roads, while debris and flooding caused the cancellation of all Monday morning rush hour trains.

Climatologists say climate change is causing winters in the region to become warmer and wetter, increasing the likelihood of extreme weather events.

A Ryanair flight from Manchester to Dublin made an emergency landing in Paris, France, while another plane traveling from the Canary Islands to the Irish capital was diverted to Bordeaux after several unsuccessful attempts to land.

Storm Isha follows Storm Henk, which caused widespread flooding and disruption to train services and roads in the UK earlier this month.

Britain’s weather agency, The Met Office, says storm Isha is expected to pass the UK by Monday evening.